Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can not sleep.

Good early morning,

Its around 3:58 a. m. I kind of just woke up out of no where. I am tired but can not sleep bc my head is overloading with problems to solves, designing some new pieces for the Holiday, fitting that needs to be schedule, dresses that need to be in production, special orders.
That is just the design and production end for my line for the store.

There is still marketing and so many other things I need to work on.

Part of me feels like the Holiday is coming and I want a mini vacation. But the fashion business does not work that way. I need to have Fall 2011 be finished by mid Feb.

How do I split my time btw design, production, and marketing? That is always a dilemma. I am smart enough to know I need help.

I am trying to be smart. Am I being smart? Am I making good decision. Why do I have to make all this decisions?

Am I doing enough? Am I doing too much?

Why am I writing this blog in the early morning?

Why am I questioning if I can do all this when I have been doing it for the last ten years? Maybe I guess bc I feel like it is a new ballgame out there.

Maybe this is just me pmsing....?.

Maybe I need to tried to get some sleep. Or just get up and start work so I can feel some kind of control and accomplishment.

Am I letting you know too much? TMI?

Am I watching too much Oprah's and I want to share my uncertainties and doubts.

I should go back to sleep and try to have dream about relaxing on the beach.

Wish me luck and sweet dreams.

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