Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bushkills Fall

Hi everyone,

My workload was so much I did not have time to write until now. I am actually in Bushkills Fall, Pa writing this blog. I did a QVC show on Monday morning so that is the reason I am in PA. I have another show on July 30th at 8pm eastern time. Please tune in! It is all new designs. I am very proud and excited to show them off.

But this time, I am traveling with my sister and her 2 daughters and my co worker Adam. I am taking a mini vacation. Yeah!!!

Bushkills Fall was so beautiful. We hiked for almost 4 hours at the falls and it was so worth it. Boy, was I out of shape! I got really dizzy when we had to hike uphill. Pathetic!

This place was truly inspiring. I was walking the trail and thinking how I could bring some of this natural elements into my collection.

I have to start on Spring 2011 collection soon and still really at a lost on the direction and theme. Maybe I have found something....

What do you think? Are these pics inspirational and worthy of a whole collection?

I do not know why some of these pics are not rotated correctly. It is in Photobucket. Confuse?

Resting a little bit,


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Birthday


Today is my birthday!!! So far it has been a wonderful day. Lots of presents and birthday wishes from my new FB friends and my old friends. I feel the love.

On my birthday, I want to wish everyone lots of laughter and most of all lots
of friends and family who will always be there for you. Find your peace, joy, and happiness. Get inspire and be silly.

Love Life,
Love Fashion,
Chloe Dao

Monday, July 19, 2010


I am turning 39 this Tuesday. Can you believe it? I can't! I have been in serious denial. I actually have a 20 year high school reunion coming up. Have Mercy!

But the time has come and I've got to accept the blinding truth. So I decided to celebrate early last Saturday. If you can't fight it mind as well as celebrate it. I had a karaoke party and sang my heart out. I am as asian as you can get here! It was so much fun to just let loose and be silly. I can not believe I am almost freaking turning 40. I seriously do not feel or behave my age, I hope I never do.

Let's move onto the fitting I had last week. I designed 4 new pieces and the fitting went really well. Here is a pic of one of the new dress's:

I did sleeves! But of course, it's still got a very cool back.

You like? I am still undecided what fabric I should use.

The printed dress below is named Kim bc my sister Kim helped me designed this dress.

Look's great right? But technically speaking this dress has been a nightmare! I have fit Kim 4 times already but I love this dress and will not give up on it! I did make this for the store a few months ago but after hearing some comments I decided to work on perfecting the fit.

So I redesigned the pleating on the skirt. Hopefully, this will be the last time. Wish me luck.

I am also giving myself a challenge to used up all my current fabrics before buying new ones. In this economy us artists need to find ways to be frugal and creative at the same time. Believe me, it's not as easy as it sounds!

Love fashion,
Love life,

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Update on the chicken. It was ok… not great but not too bad for my first time trying to season like my mother who is my Iron Chef. She is an amazing cook. She can whip up a seven-course meal in one hour. The other Iron Chefs has nothing on her.

Yesterday, my scarf design for Think Pink, a breast cancer non-profit organization was approved. They loved it. I have been designing scarves for them for the last 3 years all for charity. It does take a lot of time from my other work but it is always great to be able to give back and be creative at the same time.

Usually Think Pink always has a theme and I never go by it and I do my own thing. But this year, I thought, “ Ok, I will be a team player and work within the theme.” This year it was “Passport to a Cure”.

I was a little stumped for a few minutes and then I was rumbling through ideas like: passport stamps with such words as strength, survivor, old envelope graphic, the word “cure” itself.

So I came up with this scarf, on the left. They did not like it. The funny part was that they did not want me to go by the theme. How ironic is that? This design took almost a week and half to finish. Honestly, I did not love this design b/c I felt something was not right but I was working on it for so long, I needed to just submit it and see where it went from there. Good thing they did not like it also.

Now that I did not have to follow the theme, I was free as a bird, literally to do what I wanted.

Not many people know I have this thing for birds. I love them, especially bird illustrations by Charley Harper. It is retro and modern. I love that combination. They make me happy.

People are always asking me how I come up with my inspirations. I do not know. But I really felt like doing birds and the shape of a heart, created by the birds. I was a little fearful it might be tacky b/c it can be. I thought all the birds overlapping might look like barbwire but after many designs and changes, it was awesome!! It works and it is cool, very me, and new at the same time. I love it. And guess what? Think Pink love it too. Thank god, they hated the first design.

I have to say thanks to my team for making it happened b/c I came up with this idea and was kind of thinking it wouldn’t work but they pushed me to just do it.

Believe in your ideas, sometime it is horrible but when it works, life is good.

Tomorrow, we are fitting some new designs for August. I will be posting pictures of my fitting and you can see the beginning to end on some of this design. Wish me luck; I will hopefully like some of these designs on the model.

Until next time my friends,


Monday, July 12, 2010

Hi everyone,

I apologized for not keeping up on this blog. From now on I will post every Wednesday and Sunday.

Sometimes there is so much going on in my head and real projects, I feel like I have a million things to write about and to tell y’all but lack of time and those projects always pull me away from writing.

But I guess what is great about this that I always wanted to keep a journal of what I have done, but either I have been lazy or my thoughts are too chaotic for me to focus and write.

But this will help me kind of just sit down twice a week and kind've relax a little and enjoy the moment instead of figuring out want is next.

I get a lots of questions about aren’t you proud of what I did and achieved. Honestly, I never think about it until I am asked b/c I am always on the next projects. It is time to smell the roses a little.

Like today, its Sunday, July 11. I went to the movie with my family. I haven’t done that in years b/c normally I would work half day on Sunday preparing for Monday's work week. I am really trying to balance work and my life. That has always been my biggest challenge. That is the problem when you really do love what you do. But they're times when you need to step away from it. I am learning… I am writing this blog now, and its Sunday.

So what did I do this week, that I should be proud of?

I did the Bridal Extravaganza Expo this Sat and introduced my first ever-Bridal Collection. It was part of my Spring “Lightness” collection. I was a bit nervous b/c I was afraid my designs might not be “ Bridal” enough if there is such a thing. As you can see, I do not really do the big, puffy princess gowns. But after walking the show, I realized, it is good to be different. Beside, the styles and cuts being different, my fabrications are very unique and modern for brides and their bridesmaid. I really loved my bridesmaid dresses b/c it is so different from the classic, boring shape and poly fabric that has been around forever. It is really surprising for me how little has changed for bridesmaid dresses.

I am very proud of this collection. Before this expo, I actually loved my Fall 2009 collection more but now I am really loving and appreciating this collection. I have been a bad mother to my designs, having favorites are not good or nice.

Well, I am going to end this blog b/c I have to have dinner with my very supportive boyfriend, who is grilling the chicken I seasoned last night. Let’s hope it taste good. I will let you know on Wednesday. Balancing…..

Big hug,


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