Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Supporting locals designers and Spring 2011 Web shoot

Hi everyone,

I know it has been forever since I have written a blog. There have been so many times when I know I should written something but time constraint or just not knowing what to write stop me. What is sad is that I do have so much going on, I actually have tons of material to write about.

So I thought, the best solution to keep in touch with everyone is to video blog. You do not have to read my bad English and grammar anymore. I will no longer torture you with it. My close friends read my blog and just died laughing. I am sometime mortified after I read what I have posted but I am still better then Courtney Love. But at the same time, I cracked myself up with the writing. It really showed that my brain is going at 100 MPH and my fingers is in the school zone.

I will definitely be posting more often b/c I will not have to type. I am a horrendous typist, I create my own language.

Well, my first blog is about the Emerging local designers Party , Lot 8 boutique is having on Friday, 2-4-2011. I talk about in the video. I hope everyone come out to support and celebrate our local talent.

Here is the invite:

Yesterday, we were steaming and tagging the new local designers clothes when a customer fell in love with a piece and literally bought it of the rack. There is nothing like that feeling of selling your first piece. I hope everyone of the designers get to experience that feeling. It is pure joy and elation.

The rest of the video is a little snap shoot of the web shoot we did at the store. I hope you enjoy my first video. I am very excite to start this video diary of my year with you.

Well here is the link to the video:

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Did you notice the bang?? I really like my new haircut, I feel young and cool. That is a great accomplishment for a woman about to turn freaking 40!!!!! I am freaking out.


Love Life, Love Fashion


SILVIA said...

me ha gustado mucho este post!!!
tiene mucho estilo este blog...
un besazo wapisima

Dionne said...

I am sorry I missed it, I am sure it was fabulous! I hope to come to one of your future events!

Love your blog! Stop by mine and say hi! :)

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