Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall 2011 Photo Shoot with Cody Bess


Fall is finally here!!! Yippeee! As I am writing this, the cold front is coming here to Houston. It will probably last for 3 days but I will take it any time over this heat in November.

It always feels more like the holidays are here when it is cold outside. We are always looking forward to and hoping for a real winter here.

Since it is going to be cold outside tomorrow, enjoy the behind the scene Fall 2011 Photo Shoot with Cody Bess.

If you like any dresses and do not live in Houston you can finally go to my website www. chloedao.com. It is finally back up and running thanks to Dimitry Chamy at www. 2urn.com. He has been amazing to work with. He does everything from brand identity to website development. He is pretty much redesigning my brand and logo for me.

He and I are still tweaking things so bare with us for the slight changes in the future, but I'm so happy Dimitry got it up and running.
I hope you like the new logo, slightly different but still very me.

We will be adding more designs to the website soon.

Love Life,
Love Fashion,


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