Wednesday, January 11, 2012

From LOT 8 boutique to Chloe Dao boutique

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year! I have so much to tell you guys there are so many changes that is happening for my business.

I've been working so hard in all this I did not have time to write. Finally, I have moment to breathe and share all the news.

The biggest is Lot 8 boutique will be Chloe Dao boutique now. It does make me a little sad to lose Lot 8 but I'm so excited about embracing the future of my brand. Lot 8 will always be my heart.

Here is a sneak peak of my brand identity.

What do you think?

The second biggest new is the remodeling of my boutique.

If you live in Houston near the Rice Village you would have seen all the crazy construction that we've been doing.

Here are some pictures:

The new boutique will be much more intimate. It I am really concentrating on me and my brand. Of course, we will still carry other designers, especially local designers. I have poured heart and soul in this remodeling. This new boutique will reflect my personal style and taste on all things not just clothes. You will really get all of me.

Here a sneak peak of the new boutique:

With any changes, the old have to go. We are having a big remodeling sale and fabric sale. Clothes and accessories up to 75% off. We have a temporary store, same location.

Fabrics such as silk charmuese, silk chiffon and gorgeous brocade everything under $10. Ok, this is a sick sale. I wanted to buy my own fabric back with those prices. But I really wanted to let go of fabrics I have been using and hoarding all this years and start fresh. For all my designers and crafty creative soul this sale is for you.

This fabric sale does start official on Monday. Start creating people.

See you at my next blog.

Love Life,
Love Fashion,



Anonymous said...

Hi Chloe
Do you do custom design to fit difficult body styles?

kerrin said...

what a fun blog, so happy i found it! let's follow each other! xx

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