Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Little Couple on TLC

It was a real pleasure to meet with Jennifer and Bill. I am a fan of their show. I watch a lot of reality tv. I am a little obsessed about it. The" Little Couple" just shows you that reality tv does not always have to be mean, trashy, and competitive. I really admire and respect their amazing love and rapport for each other. You can just see and feel it when you are around them. I think that why the show is so successful.

When I found out Jennifer wanted a dress to be made by me I was very excited and nervous because I usually have a mannequin to drape from. But with her being so tiny, I had to work from scratch. I was smart and asked for a basic gown that she liked so I could make a basic pattern from it and develop from there. I wanted her to feel glamorous and beautiful. I found out Jennifer is like me - she gives and gives and sometimes forget to treat herself. This was her only second custom garment ever besides her wedding dress. I know how hard it is to find clothes my size, and I can not image her challenges. So I was super happy to make something special for her. I picked the Lolita dress out for Jen and was really glad she wanted it also. I did a muslim fitting and somehow I made it too short. In about a few days, I made the gown and we did the second fitting. The gown needed some minor adjustment but overall it was beautiful on her. I had to fly out to Asia for a business trip so I could not be there for a final fitting. But I heard it fit pretty well on the show. I have not seen it because I do not know why, but I just can't watch myself right now.

I have to say Jen and Bill can not be nicer people and the crew that film them. I had a wonderful timing and believe me it it not always so pleasant.

I have to admit I always have a bit of a complex about being short, but after working Jen, I need to just shut up. I really do not have anything to complain about. She and Bill really do have an amazing story, they have gone through so many surgeries for things we take for granted. So when you are feeling down on yourself or feeling self doubt creeping on you, just think of Jen and Bill. They are up against a lot more then us on a daily basis but they are happy and successful. We can all strive to be a little more like them.

Peace out.



Maybelline said...

That is the most touching blog yet!! That's how I know about you from that show and I'm glad I did. Yes being petite and just plain short is hard to find the most appropriate outfit but it still doesn't stop us for being determined to get that special outfit!! Thanks for the blog. And continued luck on your business. I'm a devoted fan!!

Ryan said...

Love the Little Couple and love you! You were great on the show and Jen looked beautiful in your design...of course!

Maybelline said...'re cute as a button!! oh, is there an online site to purchase any of your clothes?

Unknown said...


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