Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Part 2 of My Trip to Asia

My trip to China started with a 15 hour plane ride to Guangzhou. I did not sleep one bit.

It was my first time ever in China. I was really excited to be in China. I've already been to Bangkok and Vietnam before, but never China. I was nervous that I was going to be in a country where I didn't speak the language, so I hired an interpreter. I mainly went to Guangzhout to really look into manufacutring and see how their fashion district was run. I was blown away by it because it was GINORMOUS, like 30 buildings of wholesale. I felt like the whole city was a wholesale district. The wholesale district was not just Chinese deisgners but Korean designers too. They dominate. They're pretty much infiltrating the Chinese wholesale market. If you go to trade shows in LA or at Magic in Vegas, half of the designers or venders are Korean manufacturers. It's interesting to see that they're in China also. I want to be Korean!

Let's talk about one of my other favorite subjects besides clothes: food! (Since everyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge eater; I'm hungry every 5 minutes). However I've got to say that Guangzhou food was not that great. I thought Chinese food was always kind of healthy, but it turns out that every dish is flooded with oil. The soup dishes were tasty but oily. I'm going to jump all over the place when I'm writing this post..my impressions of Guangzhou were that it was very very green for a highly-developped city. On the freeway you would have vines hanging. They were very in tune with mother nature and keeping it green. The thing that made me really sad about the city is that it was so developped and underdeveloped at the same time with the rich vs the poor. Literally I'm in a taxi cab, and on the street is like a 70 year old lady carrying a huge bag on her back and two huge bags in her hands. She didn't even have a bike. It was hot, like 98 degrees. Don't travel in Asia in May, June, July, or August or you're going to die. I really got to see what it meant to be a developping country - in China, not everyone is developping at the same time economically. Same thing with vietnam. Hopefully, there will soon be a balance.

Peace out!,


Maybelline said...

wow!! what an interesting place..at least we can wear their clothes, cause they're about our petite size!! lol...love the spoon!!

Ricardo Sweatt Rodriguez said...

Yep, I used to think everything was big in Texas until I started visiting China in 2001:)

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