Friday, September 3, 2010

Sept. 6th

Hi everyone,

Its Friday night around 9:30 pm. I had a fabulous time last night at my party at my Lot 8 boutique. It was pretty fun to kind of kick start Audi Fashion Houston coming up on Oct 11-15.
I will be showing my collection for Spring 2011 on Oct .13th. It will be me, Toni Whitaker, Irina Shabayeva. I love it. It is an all ladies show. Tickets are available online at . I am just now starting on the collection. I have 5 weeks to pull this together.

I usually wouldn't stressed about it but I am leaving this Sunday for Philly and NYC. I will be gone for a whole week. I know my team will be working on the direction and ideas I have given them. The truth is I am still at the experimental stage of the collection. It is still trial and errors right now. Pray for me! I will need it. This is truly a very tight schedule.

Even though, I am nervous about my new collection. I am very anxious to do my QVC shows coming up Monday. Here is my schedule for Sept 6th , Eastern time,
I have a 6 am-7am, 1pm-3pm, and 2 styles for PM style with Lisa Robertson starting at 7pm.

That is a lot of shows but I have not been back to QVC since my July show.

Ladies, I have great reorders in new colors. You all have been asking for my stitch cardigan (A84524) to be made in new colors. I brought it back in rich, creamy , luxurious ivory and sophisticated, bold, royal deep purple. Look out for it with Lisa Robertson.

You know I have worked on some of these designs months and months before it gets on air. Sometime, some of my favorites do not survive the process and I am so sadden when that happens. There are many reasons why we can not make certain things. The biggest is we just can not afford it or we do not meet the fabric minimum order. My dream like every other designers out there is to make clothes without a budget restriction. How wonderful would that be? Do not get me started.

Well with that said, I think I did a pretty good job with the new designs I am showing Monday. Here are some pics. Tell me if you like it. If you are watching and buying something please try and call me on air. My favorite part of the show is talking to you my ladies. Without y'all, there is no me.

Miss Jessica wearing....

Ivory Cardigan (A84524), Printed Knit Top with Cowl Neck (A209804)

Charmeuse Blouse with Georgette Trim (A209797)

Houndstooth Crop Swing Jacket( A90946) , Striped Knit Top with Bow Detail(A209795)

Faux Wrap Ponte Skirt (A89823) My favorite skirt!

Double Breasted Trench Coat(A209793), Printed Poncho Blouse with Elastic Waist(A209802)

Cardigan with Button Back Scarf(A209801)
Stretch Knit Stirrup Legging(A84543)

The Trend of the Season

Faux Leopard Print Jacket w/Funnel Neck (A203260)
Stretch Knit Stirrup Legging(A84543)

On a side note, most of the time, I am always just jumping from one project to another and not taking the time to really feel blessed. I do not know what happened today, but suddenly, it hit me. I am a very lucky girl to be able to just create thing and have an audience for it. Thank you everyone who appreciate my work,sincerely.

I am being mushy. I do not know why? I am a girl. What more can I say.

I hope you will be watching.....



Anonymous said...

Good luck with everything. You're an inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Good luck, I'm sure you always have success! I cann't stop watching ProjectRunway and enjoying your collections on
You are perfect, thank you for what you do. :)
Catherine, Moscow

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