Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Austin Fashion Week

Hi everyone,

It is Wednesday, 2:36pm. Its have been a few days since Austin Fashion Week and I am very happy the show went super well.

I know I said that I will tell you all about my drama. But after calming down and I realized it is not worth my time or energy to focus on the negative, especially now that it is the past. If I talk about it now I am just giving more attention then it deserve.

But I will talk about the positive. In the chaos of the situation, my team really shine. We feel felt the frustration together, best of all we made it worked together.

Some how the Fashion Gods saw my misery and everything fell into place. The hair and makeup team was so supportive and amazing. The models rocked it. Thank you Monica and Bridget, my angel models for coming to my rescued. They made a huge difference.

One of my motto in life is that "Good things happen to good people." It is so wonderful when that does come true. Everything was not perfect in this show but that is life, I compromised and moved on.

As Michael Kors said, "It just Fashion, People!"

Here are some pics: Enjoy!

The Models and the amazing Hair and Make up crews! Without them, I just have dresses. With them, it is a vision.

Brigette, Monica, Pamela, me, Clarrisa

The Verizon bar! We are gorgeous bars. I speak only the truth.

Brigette, Monica, Rebekah

Chloe's Angel ( Silly me, but I like!)

Brigette, Can I please be you?

Monica, such elegance. Can I be you too?

Love Life,
Love Fashion,


Yuyis said...

I LOVE the dres Brigette is wearing!!!!!! Open back, sooo hot! So elegant! Soo want it!!!!!


Maybelline said...

Your designs are Rocking!! love it!!

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I LOVE the dress its beautiful

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