Friday, July 15, 2011

Model Search

Hello to all my lovely friends,

I have been watching Bravo's " Million Dollar Decorator's and now I want to talk like Martyn Lawrence Bullard. "Life is deeeliciousss darling". How does that sound? Love it. I watch the show and think, "OMG, I want to live in that world. It's so glamorous."

People think the same of Fashion designers, don't you know we are always looking undeniably chic. I wish. I do confess, I can glam it up when I have to but in my daily life, if I look presentable and not homeless I am please with myself. This is the tragic pitfall of working from home/design studio. Laziness creeps up on you and the next thing you know, it is acceptable to work in your pajamas. Hugh Hefner was ahead of his time, I tell you.

I need to stop digressing and write about the model search contest we are having. I am looking for a model to be the face of my Spring 2012 collection, debuting in Oct. The winner will also receives a photo shoot with photographer Cody Bess, scholarship to Mayo-Hill School for Modeling and Acting, one year contract with Neal Hamil Modeling Agency, and $400 gift certificate from Elementwo cosmetics.

Here is the info:

Fresh Face of Spring - Chloe Dao Modeling Contest from cody bess on Vimeo.

Photo shoots are the one time when it is truly glamorous to be in fashion. I love photo shoots because you see the transformation of the model. A great model is a chameleon. Once she steps in front of the camera there is this moment when you know she has it or not. Witnessing a great model at work is truly like watching a performance. I really do not know how to describe it, it's kind of magical. There is so much beauty in it. The way she moves that flows but always beautiful. I guess the word I am looking for is, "lyrical". It is smooth and dreamy.

I get tons of emails and messages asking me how I choose my models. I usually work with an agency but some times I do my own casting. Well, for all those who think they have it. I This is the contest for you. I am looking for the new fresh face. I am very excited to see the submission. Good luck ladies!

Love life,
Love Fashion,

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Tara Carr said...

Hi Chloe!
First off I want to say that I love your work and I am a huge fan! My name is Tara and I am a children's clothing designer based here in Houston. I would love the opportunity to meet you and ask you some industry questions. I know you are super busy but I would greatly appreciate in any amount of time you have to spare. Thanks so much!

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