Monday, August 15, 2011

NYC , Alexander Mcqueen

Hello friends,

I finally have a moment to breathe and reflect on my trip to NYC.

One of the main reasons to go on this trip was to see the Alexander McQueen Exhibition before it was closed.

Anyone who is a designer or loves fashion mourned the death of this great designer. For me at least, I will always be sadden by his death b/c he was so young and talented.

I truly love his work and am always in awe of it. There are very few designers that can take you to a different place, mind set and emotion. McQueen takes you beyond the normal realm. When looking at his work, I know that he is touched by a Higher Being. There is a spiritualism to his designs, it is dark and beautiful and most of all thoughtful. There is always a story or history lesson being told. It is never a collection about colors,style or trend. It is an education.

His fashion shows, were not your typical show. It was pure theater, a full production. I so regret missing his only show in NYC. I had the invite but NYC was under a hurricane warning, it was very apropos, a night for a McQueen show.I was working as an assistant to a great buyer. We were going to all the fashions shows and showrooms during Fashion Week from 8 am-10 pm everyday. It was all very exciting the first few days and then it became exhausting. Sadly McQueen's show was the end of Fashion Week and btw the hurricane warning and fashion fatigue I missed the show.

But there is a slightly happier note, I was in the same room and 3 ft away from him at the Miguel Androver show earlier that week. Miquel and McQueen were friends and he was there to show his support. McQueen was already the darling of the fashion world then. I wanted to approach him just to say I love his work but everyone there was playing it cool and I did not have the nerve. He was just sitting there across from me and so normal and calm.It was enough for me just to be in the same room with him.

Since, I missed the opportunity to show my respect and admiration for his work to him personally and missed his show, I was not going to miss his exhibition at Metropolitan Museum.

It was a mad house b/c we went to see it 3 days before the closing. But it was so worth it to see the clothes and accessories so completely up close and personal.

Long line....


I love and respect McQueen even more after listening to the stories told by Sarah Burton, Phillip Tracey and so many that have worked with him. I did not realized the extent of his talent. McQueen can cut a perfect jacket without a pattern, he cut it straight from the fabric by his pure knowledge. That is skill. You must bow to that.

McQueen is a master of his craft and a true artist. I was very fortunate to view his work in person.

Here is a great link from the Metropolitan Museum on the exhibition. You will feel as if you have been transported to this great designers exhibition. There are great videos and pictures. Enjoy and be awed and inspired.

Side story, I saw Narciso Rodriquez at the exhibition. I was not going to miss this chance to tell him how much I love his work. He was surrounded by his team and I was a bit intimidated at first. But I went up to him, reach out my hand and said,"I love your work." Some of his team members gave me the up and down inspection and I tried to hide my feet. I was not feeling completely fashion perfect b/c I had busted nails, they were chipping and in desperate need of a pedicure. I become a bit insecure and quickly walked away. I really wanted to ask to take a picture with him and say more but my insecurity over my stupid feet got the best of me. What I really wanted to say was,"Hi,I am Chloe Dao from PR I truly love your work and always wish you were one of the judges on my season." But I didn't, I was a little disappointed with myself about it but glad I said something. I guess one step at a time with nice polished toes, next time.

Love Life,Love Fashion,




Anonymous said...

bautiful Chloe (Zoey),

Remember the guy in the skirt bumpt into you in Times sqr and ask you take a pic with him?... well that's me! lol... sorry again for changing your name...

We'll i am also proud to say i had the opportunity to witness one of the most amazing fashion exhibs ever and i am even more amazed knowing that i had no clue it was on before... the right moment at the right time no doubts

the almost 3hrs standing on the line actually made it for me even more intriguing! thinking you finally reached the spot and find yourself joining a new kilometric line lol i loved it

once inside i have to say at some point i had to sit down on the floor not only because my feet hurt (funny how our feet took a sort of protagonic in this event lol) but also becuase i just had to stay still for am moment and absorb and digest each and every aspect of it

at the end OF COURSE i snatch a book and held it tight to my chest!

i am about to start desing school in sept and i am exited to already tell everyone how i was privileged to witness each and every stitch of the extraordinary wonderful work from the man who will be remembered as the one who opened the path to the 21st century in fashion.. just like he wanted it

cheers from mexico and lots of success!

Donovan Cazares
Integral Designer

Marci said...

I finally got to the show a couple of weeks before it closed. If you go in the lower level entrance where the school children enter, the line is much shorter.

The show was spectacular and exceeded all expectations that the Met or anyone had of it's popularity and attendance. I never miss a Costume exhibition, but this one was quite special! He was an amazing talent, but a flame that burned itself out. Tragic, but he left behind an amazing legacy! Glad you got to see it.

two four eight one nine said...

I was so mad that I missed the show in NYC. Anyway, I bought the book (really nice one) but everyone told me the show was so emotional... Argh... Maybe they will put on another exhibit somewhere, hopefully not too far...


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