Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Update on the chicken. It was ok… not great but not too bad for my first time trying to season like my mother who is my Iron Chef. She is an amazing cook. She can whip up a seven-course meal in one hour. The other Iron Chefs has nothing on her.

Yesterday, my scarf design for Think Pink, a breast cancer non-profit organization was approved. They loved it. I have been designing scarves for them for the last 3 years all for charity. It does take a lot of time from my other work but it is always great to be able to give back and be creative at the same time.

Usually Think Pink always has a theme and I never go by it and I do my own thing. But this year, I thought, “ Ok, I will be a team player and work within the theme.” This year it was “Passport to a Cure”.

I was a little stumped for a few minutes and then I was rumbling through ideas like: passport stamps with such words as strength, survivor, old envelope graphic, the word “cure” itself.

So I came up with this scarf, on the left. They did not like it. The funny part was that they did not want me to go by the theme. How ironic is that? This design took almost a week and half to finish. Honestly, I did not love this design b/c I felt something was not right but I was working on it for so long, I needed to just submit it and see where it went from there. Good thing they did not like it also.

Now that I did not have to follow the theme, I was free as a bird, literally to do what I wanted.

Not many people know I have this thing for birds. I love them, especially bird illustrations by Charley Harper. It is retro and modern. I love that combination. They make me happy.

People are always asking me how I come up with my inspirations. I do not know. But I really felt like doing birds and the shape of a heart, created by the birds. I was a little fearful it might be tacky b/c it can be. I thought all the birds overlapping might look like barbwire but after many designs and changes, it was awesome!! It works and it is cool, very me, and new at the same time. I love it. And guess what? Think Pink love it too. Thank god, they hated the first design.

I have to say thanks to my team for making it happened b/c I came up with this idea and was kind of thinking it wouldn’t work but they pushed me to just do it.

Believe in your ideas, sometime it is horrible but when it works, life is good.

Tomorrow, we are fitting some new designs for August. I will be posting pictures of my fitting and you can see the beginning to end on some of this design. Wish me luck; I will hopefully like some of these designs on the model.

Until next time my friends,



Maybelline said...

Love the heart bird design!! great job!! And don't'll be an Iron Chef too!! I love to cook so I'm always trying new recipies, some work and some don't..till then have a good wk!! I have to check out QVC..I want to get the wrap-around dress;>

Karen said...

love these designs, your work is always amazing!

SketchyBear said...

"Believe in your ideas, sometime it is horrible but when it works, life is good."

I'm an illustrator and I like that you said that. (PS - I like this design and your bridal collection looks amazing!)

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