Monday, July 12, 2010

Hi everyone,

I apologized for not keeping up on this blog. From now on I will post every Wednesday and Sunday.

Sometimes there is so much going on in my head and real projects, I feel like I have a million things to write about and to tell y’all but lack of time and those projects always pull me away from writing.

But I guess what is great about this that I always wanted to keep a journal of what I have done, but either I have been lazy or my thoughts are too chaotic for me to focus and write.

But this will help me kind of just sit down twice a week and kind've relax a little and enjoy the moment instead of figuring out want is next.

I get a lots of questions about aren’t you proud of what I did and achieved. Honestly, I never think about it until I am asked b/c I am always on the next projects. It is time to smell the roses a little.

Like today, its Sunday, July 11. I went to the movie with my family. I haven’t done that in years b/c normally I would work half day on Sunday preparing for Monday's work week. I am really trying to balance work and my life. That has always been my biggest challenge. That is the problem when you really do love what you do. But they're times when you need to step away from it. I am learning… I am writing this blog now, and its Sunday.

So what did I do this week, that I should be proud of?

I did the Bridal Extravaganza Expo this Sat and introduced my first ever-Bridal Collection. It was part of my Spring “Lightness” collection. I was a bit nervous b/c I was afraid my designs might not be “ Bridal” enough if there is such a thing. As you can see, I do not really do the big, puffy princess gowns. But after walking the show, I realized, it is good to be different. Beside, the styles and cuts being different, my fabrications are very unique and modern for brides and their bridesmaid. I really loved my bridesmaid dresses b/c it is so different from the classic, boring shape and poly fabric that has been around forever. It is really surprising for me how little has changed for bridesmaid dresses.

I am very proud of this collection. Before this expo, I actually loved my Fall 2009 collection more but now I am really loving and appreciating this collection. I have been a bad mother to my designs, having favorites are not good or nice.

Well, I am going to end this blog b/c I have to have dinner with my very supportive boyfriend, who is grilling the chicken I seasoned last night. Let’s hope it taste good. I will let you know on Wednesday. Balancing…..

Big hug,



Maybelline said... are doing just fine Chloe!! We do get busy with other stuff, we don't realize we have other people to connect with who's been supportive all along..I totally love your Wedding and bridesmaid collection. They are soo gorgeous. I'm celebrating my 6th anniversary this Saturday and I sure wanted to go to Hawaii and renew and spend a romantic time there with my husband!! We're still trying to go there though. A Chloe summer/wedding dress would be nice too!! lol...

Grilled chicken sounds good!! yes, tell us how it was!! I'm having baked chicken in the turbo!! (a oven filipinos use to bake or cook food)...hugs back at ya!!

Chris in Miami said...

Hi Chloe, thanks for your cool posts. I enjoyed reading about your travel adventures as an American Asian designer. Since Project Runway, you have been an inspiration and my heroe :-) Keep up the great work! Chris L, Miami Florida

Unknown said...

Could you have a clue why do I love all that lightness? Oh my God! It's just so fresh, refreshing, full of clear and pure air! Gonna die!!!!
Very, I mean VERY good work, tireless Chloe!

Amy said...

I love your wedding gown collection!

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