Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Go Orange/ Nuo Bag.

Hi Everyone,

Its 10:31 pm. on Wednesday night. I have been up since 4:30 a.m. working on finishing my mini collection for Austin Fashion Week this weekend.

But I want to talk about what I did this weekend. This past Sat., I finally did my photo shoot for Go Orange Campaign.

What is Go Orange?

Here is the press release.

Stitching for a Cause

To kick-off Fashion Week, Moves magazine is partnering with Food Bank
For New York City to raise money to combat hunger with a unique celebrity
design challenge, matching creativity with a good cause.
In this unique event, Project Runway participants are to design original handbags
in Food Bank’s signature orange color to be donated to a charity auction
in the fall. The press opp includes the design of the bag (design details
below) and an invitation to attend the red carpet event hosted by our cover
girl before New York City Fashion Week on September 8, where the unique
bag designs will be unveiled for the first time. All bags will be donated to the
charity for auction with all proceeds going to Food Bank. Pre and post design
press will continue in support of Food Bank’s “Go Orange” Campaign,

Luckily, I will be in NYC for this event. It will be really fun to meet other PR designers I haven't met.

The bag I designed is from my classic satchel bag for Nuo. The print is my brand new abstract flower. This print is not out in store or online yet so you are getting a private glimpse of it. This color story was specifically designed for Go Orange only. But I love it! So you never know. So in a few months this color story might be hitting stores soon.

Here is a few pictures from my shoot. Kris Mcmanus did the shoot and my make up. She is a triple threat. She is an amazing makeup artist, a graphic designer thus a great photographer. Check her website out..

Let's me know what you think of the bag. Thanks Kris for making look so good.

Love Life,
Love Fashion,


Eileen said...

I love love love the bag. Hopefully a triple love is enough. :) It's awesome. Good luck.

trinityjewels said...

I think the bag is FANTABULOUS!!!

Maybelline said...

Just too dawling!! love it!!

Chloe Dao said...

Thank you. There is nothing better then having a sample look as good or better then your sketch. This is when it feel good to be a designer.

NatashaJ said...

I love the bag! It's always tough to find orange accessories. How much does this bag weigh? After appearance, weight is the only thing I care about with purses and laptop bags, because the weight adds up when you throw in a laptop, adapter, peripherals, and various and sundry purse contents. Fingers crossed for a pound or less!

kim11 said...

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Lori B. said...

I must get this bag!

Louis Vuitton handbags said...

I like the prints on the bag and the roomy interior.

Julie D. Beatty said...

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