Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New York! New York!

Hi everyone,

I apologized for not writing more but I needed a break. I am rested and more focus now.

Today was the last day for my assistant Ben. He started as an intern about 1 year or so. A few months ago I hired him on. Now, he is leaving for the Big Apple. Ben will be attending my old school, F.I.T., I am very excited for him. He is not even 21 yet.

His journey brings back memory for me. I was 20 year old when I first came to NYC. I went there with a girl name Linh, I really did not know her that well. It was supposed to be a weekend trip, just to check out if I like the city. I ended up staying for 8 years.

What a crazy weekend that was! We stayed with Linda, a friend of Linh whom I just met on the plane. Linda grew up in NYC. My first night was at Linda’s mom apartment in Queens. The apartment was broken into the night or week before we came. There was no lock on the door. We had to use a chair to block the door. I was so scared to death. That was my first night.

I would never forget my second night. We went to a house party in Queens. It was a drinking party. Here is a little back-story on me. I was 20 years old and a goody two shoe. I never had a drink in my life until I was officially 21. I am still a lightweight to these days.

As the night progress, everyone was getting so wasted. I refused to drink. People was drinking whole bottle of hard liquors. At one point, I saw a girl passed out. I knew something was wrong b/c she woke up and started throwing up green bile, alcohol poisoning. She was falling asleep again. The next thing I remembered we grabbed her and dragged her into the shower. She was fighting us but she needed to stay awake. That was my second night in NYC. Fun!

There I was first time in NYC, with really total complete strangers. They were nice people but completely different from what I have know my whole life. But it was so new, exciting, and liberating.

When the weekend ended. I called my mother and told her I was not going home.

That is how I ended up in NYC. I am nostalgic for me and hopeful and excited for Ben. He will have many stories himself soon.

I will always be grateful to NYC. The city made me the woman I love being. I always like myself but after living in NYC for 8 years, through tough jobs, interesting romances and an amazing group of friends, I found me. The me that stronger, more resilient, and more confident then I thought I would ever be.

I didn’t have to be nice all the time and I did not have to have everyone like me. I still love people but it was ok for everyone not to like me. Who cares!

Ben! I drink to your future and adventure. Salud!

Love Life,

Love Fashion,




orangela said...

What a coincidence! I was just looking up where I can buy your designs in NYC and found that you posted this blog about NYC today. I've wanted to wear something by you ever since I watched you compete on Project Runway, but haven't been to Houston since! Is there anywhere in NYC I can try on your designs?

Vanessa said...

Whoa! That is crazy! But thank God you went through that so you come back to Houston and be the queen of fashion here! hahaha.

Necee said...

Bye Ben!!!! Great story Chloe! You should have more stories of you in New York starting out...some of us are new design graduates and are interested in knowing how successful designers like you started out right after school! : )

Chloe Dao said...

Ok. Necee. I will tell more personal stories.

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