Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Dancing Queen, my niece Lauren Chauv


While I'm waiting to get my videos and pictures of my fashion show together for y'all, I will keep you entertained with my very funny and always entertaining niece, Lauren Chauv.

She used to work with me everyday until she had to go to school. All of us missed her here at the studio.

One of my favorite memories of Lauren is when I was in a meeting with Ty from www. ShopNuo.com. He drove from Austin for this meeting so it was important. We were sitting at the conference table, across from each other and going over design details, when at the corner of my eye, I saw a moving blanket, slowly creeping toward the table.

Lauren was underneath the blanket. She thought she was invisible and started to very smoothly crawl passed Ty, underneath the table and me. I was slightly embarrassed but more entertained than anything. I miss those days. She still makes me laugh just not everyday like she used too.

So enjoy this video, I hope she makes you smile too.

Love Life,
Love Fashion,
Chloe Dao


Unknown said...

She is so cute and funny. Family is the most important. Congratulations. I hope to make shows as good as yours and get to sell my own designs.


Unknown said...

My daughter, Lizzie, loves Lauren! When she comes to the lake, Lizzie is so excited. Those two are SOOO funny when they play "dress-up". I'm gonna show this video to Lizzie. Thanks for sharing.

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