Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spring 2012 sketches and Naming Them

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Sorry, I could not post yesterday. I actually had to go out last night to show my support for a friend. It was a nice break from constantly working on this collection. I really needed that. It is coming up soon to the deadline, Oct 12th........!!!!!

Holey Moley ( did I spell that right?)

One of the fun and frustrating things about creating a new collection is naming the new designs. They are all my babies, I see them as my children. So when I name them I have to find the right name that suits their personalities. Believe me, they all have personalities. It is not easy b/c I am a very bias Mom. I sound a little crazy here but I acknowledge it.

If you are wondering why the sketches are all flat instead of croquis. I just like it that way and it is much more understandable when you start draping the pattern to see a clear outlined drawing. I do first sketches on croquis. Then my assistants turn the sketches to flats so that they can photoshop prints on it and have a very precise placement of seams for pattern work.

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