Friday, October 7, 2011

Spring 2012, First Fitting w/ Erica


Today this blog is about the first fitting of the Spring 2012 collection. I do all my first fittings on my fit model, Erica. I do that b/c it lets me see if the fit is right. Most of all I get to really see if I like the design or not. A great model makes your design better than you could imagine.

Being a small company, I need to design a collection that can translate well on the runway into a sellable collection. It is always a dance of compromises. I love designing wearable clothes but sometimes I would love to just go crazy and make very time consuming haute couture pieces.

In this video, you will see me trying to sell some of the designs to my team b/c they think it will not do well on the floor. It is not all about just being creative in fashion it is about being creative and being able to sell. It is a daily struggle but a smart designer, understands the challenges in order to "make it work".

You saw in earlier video of me starting to drape the Binny dress, well she is back in and not happy.


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