Friday, May 13, 2011

Kai Scissors

Good day everyone,

I finally have a new blog, hopefully this is a start to more postings. I am finally getting a system down.
I get asked a lot about my favorite things or just what is the best sewing machine, scissors, and so on. Well here is the best shear on the market in my opinion, Kai scissors made in Japan. They are my favorite shears in the world!!! I really love them, they cut like butter and last forever!

I know in this video I said "Gingham" instead of "Gingher". Honey, I never said English was my strong point. Atleast I was still thinking Faaasshiiiiooooonnnnnn! Serious.

OK, this is what happens when you write a blog early in the morning. I digress. I forgot to mention the prices in the VB, the 5000 series is around $14-$32, the pro 7000 series is $60-$130. I am not getting paid to write about this. I just really love these products!

I hope you do too! Here is the website,

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