Friday, May 13, 2011

Miss Hazel's grommet demo


This VB is about how to do grommets and introduce to you my new old dress Hazel. I made this dress many years ago and have worn it to death. I am not embarrassed to admit I have worn it a few days in a row before, different city, different people lol. Here's some pictures of me through the years wearing it. This dress hides all my "yummy for my tummy" issues I have. I guess that's why I wear it so much!!!

Also, if you ever want to see how grommets are set in, I am showing you on Miss Hazel because she is all about her grommets.


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punkychewster said...

I'm a fan!!! I bought the Lucille dress in March and I love it to death!! I wear it only on special occasions! Except that after you altered it from a size 4 to 0, i lost some more weight, so i had to alter the hook at the neck some more!!! :(

still, i love it!

Here's a picture of the dress. Thank you!

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