Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mommie Series Houston

Hi everyone,

I was having dinner with my girlfriends last night and we were talking about all the pressure of the modern woman to have it all. For me, my group of close friends are in their late 30 's to early 40's. If you read this blog frequently, you know my big 40 is coming my way. Some of my friends are career women and are mothers, some are a lot like me, very career driven hoping to be mother one day. But I think we all have questions internally asking if we can do it all and have it all. I always struggle to see how I can carry on with my very busy schedule and having a a child. How do some of this women you read about do it all? How the hell do they lose all those weight when I have been trying to lose 10 lbs for 5 years and failing. I am graduating to a one piece swimsuit this year for the first time in my life. Notice, I said, " "Graduate" Positive spin for own personal ego.

I watched the Bravo show, " Pregnant in Heels" and love Rosie Pope b/c she has to deal with some very eccentric Mommie. I wish I could have some of this lady lifestyles but what if you don't.
What if you do not have the funds for a extra help? What if you don't want help and want to spend the time one on one time with your baby. What if you are like every women out there trying to juggle all this tasks just being without a kid and now you have a kid/s and feel so much more overwhelmed now. I am overwhelmed and a little tired thinking about it and writing this blog.

So many questions right, scary bc I am not even a mom yet. I think this what my boyfriends tell me not to do. I always drive myself to certain level of anxiety when all I do is think about all this things I have to accomplish and finish before I feel happy or in control but the the sad part is the " to do list' never ends.

Well, thank god, I am hosting a an event on Wednesday at Lot 8 called the Mommie Series. It is an educational event about family, health, finance and most importantly fashion baby!! It is about helping all moms in every which way possible but I think most of all it is about us, women, helping our self to be better women for our family and most of all our self. I really do not think this event is only for mothers. I am not a mom yet and I am curious to learn more how to take better care of my finance and personal growth . The clothes part I think I kind of got the hang of it. Actually, I am the speaker for the Fashion section, so that add to my "to do list" this week.

But in all seriousness, this is going to be a great event bc you will learn about how to handle all the things in life that comes at you and look fabulous doing it. Also, I heard the swag bags is pretty awesome.

Here is the link to the event if you are interested in attending.

Here is the facebook link for more info on it.

I hope to see you there. Please leave me comment so I can feel like someone is reading my blog.

Love Life,
Love Fashion,
Chloe Dao


DesiFashionista said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Chloe,

You may feel like it's hard to do it all, but you manage so very well. You are an inspiration!
Dawn Bell

Anonymous said...

Hi Chloe, its great that you're doing an event that includes fashion as well as practical things. Health, Finance, Mommyhood challenges...its information we all can use! I know it will be fabulous! ...SR

alicia said...

Glad to see you blogging!

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