Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Think Pink scarf

Good Morning!

Every year I design an original print for the Think Pink organization which benefits breast cancer research, victims, and their families. I've been thinking about ideas all weekend, so today I decided I better start putting them down on paper. This year is more pressure then ever because last year I loved the print so much I designed my sp2011 collection around it! It's kind of sad that once you do something you are so proud of you become your own worst enemy and critic. You have to come up with something even better then the last.

I have been mentally blocked because I feel the pressure and am a little scare to start. I'm really not inspired by anything yet. I am so bombarded with other thoughts.

But I can't stall anymore, I have to get this print done by end of May or it will not make the production deadline. I have no choice but to start today and give some idea to my design assistant or I will be screwed.

Maybe writing this blog will help me get motivated!

I am getting into my design mood. Which is listening to classical music and just letting myself relax. Hopefully the pressure of pleasing people will float away and I can just do something I am proud of and most of all love. I guess at the end of the day, I want to love it and push myself too. Designing prints is something I just starting doing 4 years ago. It is very freeing because there is no physical body to fit, it is limitless.

Well, wish me luck!!!


Mia Arenas said...

Good luck! I'm sure you will design something fabulous!

Lucie said...

Maybe if you just start desinging for your sister/friend/... to take the pressure off, and then the ideas will come and you will make something amazing!
Good luck!

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