Thursday, May 19, 2011

Me, Myself, and I

Hello Everyone!

You know what's funny about being on TV?.. Once you are on it everyone thinks all of a sudden you live this fabulous life where you have a team of people doing everything for you.

I think it is really funny how I get asked if I have my own hair and makeup people. Yes, of course, I do and she travels with me every where. She is me, myself and I.

When I used to do QVC a lot Adam, my coworker would put on my fake lashes and glue on fake nails but that was the extend of a team. I used to get my make up done by the salon at QVC and a few times I have had a professional makeup artist do it for special occasions. I stop when I started looking like an Asian drag queen or madame. From then on I decided to do my own makeup.

Here is a little behind the scene of me trying to get it together on the morning of The Royal Wedding. I was up at 4:30 a.m. working on a wedding dress and turn on the television and realized the big wedding was on.

That morning, I had to film for a few television news stations about the wedding and also do a fitting for my bride.

Mercy!! Here is a touch of my real down home glamorous life. My sister is going to kill me when she sees what I cut my bangs with in this video. I almost poked my eye out with them. Please do not try what I did. Enjoy!!

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